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There are a few factors needed to determine if you are in a financial position to choose homeownership—with good credit, not too much debt, a stable income, and adequate savings.

There are arguments both for buying and for continuing to rent, depending on a potential homeowner’s individual circumstances. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to buy contact one of our agents to discuss your situation.

You’ll need to weigh many different factors, including the home’s location, age, condition, size, features and price, when you’re buying a home. In order to weigh all these factors, first imagine what your ideal lifestyle would look like, both today and a decade into the future.

At your mortgage closing, you meet with various legal representatives to sign your mortgage and other documents, make any required payments and receive the keys to your new property.

Do some accounting to determine how your finances will balance out with the added expense. Start with your monthly take-home pay, add any other income you might receive and subtract your other expenses from this number. Car payments, credit cards, student loan, gas for your car, insurance, cell phone bills and an estimate of the amount you usually spend on personal items should also be included.

Our staff is always waiting and available to respond to your questions whether by phone, email, or filling out a contact form.

owning a house in ghana is a luxury, it is better than owning a car or a business, you and your family are guaranteed absolute peace.

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